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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Policy Choices in Internal Conflicts: Governing Systems and Outcomes
Edited by V R Raghavan
ISBN: 978-93-82652-05-2

About the Book

In the course of the research project Internal Conflicts and Transnational Consequences, the CSA has published eleven volumes.  These books cover three internal conflicts in India and those in Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.  Each of the conflict was studied in detail with the help of experts from different disciplines and different countries.

This is the final volume of the Project which consolidates the studies done earlier, aims at crystallising some useful lessons for the countries studied and also others who continue to have long running internal conflicts.  The constraints in trying to resolve the conflicts by the states and addressing the nuances of the consequences are quite complex.  This volume attempts to analyse these issues and helps in identifying positive and negative outcomes of the way different governing systems have addressed the conflicts.  The study highlights the importance of not only understanding the major internal conflicts but also anticipating and identifying the problems and difficulties that arise from the consequences and throws up useful policy pointers.

1.                  1.  Overview
          K Srinivasan

2.                  2.  Ethno-Political Conflicts In South Asia: Changing Dynamics, Common Concerns
                Sudha Ramachandran   

3          3.   Managing Internal Conflicts In India, Nepal, Sri Lanka And Myanmar: Strategies And    
          P. Sahadevan

4.  Legal Regimes In Conflict Situations
            Geeta Madhavan

5. Internal Conflicts: Linkages And Consequences For Maritime And Littoral     Security In
    South Asia
    W.Lawrence S.Prabhakar



Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Consequences of Longterm Conflicts in Northeast India
Edited by V R Raghavan
Published by Vik Books India Pvt Ltd
ISBN: 978-93-82652-02-1

About the Book

Internal conflicts are endemic to South and Southeast Asia and have existed for several decades.  These have damaged the economic, social, cultural, societal and political life of nations much more than conventional wars.  Historians, strategic analysts and other scholars have been studying such internal conflicts for quite some time focussing mostly on their causes.  In most cases, the original causes of such conflicts have been subsumed by the lasting consequences.  The long term consequences – affecting economy, governance, politics and social fabric of nations have become drivers of the conflict.  The CSA has been studying the conflicts in India (Northeast, Jammu & Kashmir and Leftwing Extremism), Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

In the case of Northeast India, a number of researchers were engaged to study different and multi-layered dynamics of the conflict and the consequences.  This is the second book that encompasses the studies presented by many researchers on different facets of this conflict.

Table of Contents


Keynote Address

1. Overview
    K Srinivasan and Ancy Joseph

2.  Consequences of Long-Term Conflicts in Northeastern Region
    Falguni Rajkumar
3.  Impact on Nagaland and Naga Affairs
    Monalisa Changkija
4 Impact on Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya And Tripura
   Samir Kar Purkayastha

5. Conflict in Assam and Its Consequences
    Jayanta Kumar Ray

6. Transborder Insurgency and Effects
     Arun Roye

7.  Impact on Nepal and Bhutan and its Offsets in Sikkim
     P D Rai

8.  Insurgency in the Northeast – Can this Night Without End Ever End?
    Sheru Thapliyal

9. Economic Consequences of Conflict in Northeast India
    Gulshan Sachdeva